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Watch this video and more on Linda Gastaldello

Watch this video and more on Linda Gastaldello

Up Next in LG Combine ( workout specifici sotto i 20'-targeted short workouts under 20')

  • Inscape Sculpt/ Bonus 2022-03-09

    Allenamento per gambe e glutei con attenzione alla coordinazione per corpo e mente. Esecuzione sulla pancia per stimolare digestion Pesi 1.5 kg- cavigliere.

    Lower body workout legs and glutes. Some of the moves are great for coordination mind and body. Belly on the floor to stimulate digestion.A...

  • Inscape Sculpt / Bonus 2022-02-23

    Muoviti con liberta' e dinamismo. Workout completo full body. Equilibrio e mobilita' articolare con abs work.
    No parole solo musica e movimento.
    Full body workout with emphasis on balance, legs and glutes and abs. No spoken words just music.

  • Combine Inscape Sculpt Lower Body 2

    Scolpisci gambe e glutei. No istruzioni. solo movimento e respiro con musica. Cavigliere opzionali
    Sculpting your lower body. No words. Just movement and breath with music. Optional ankle weights.